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KEDS Academy | Leadership programme

KEDS Academy is KEDS's foray into the effective solution of the problems that talented students have in Kosovo.

Leadership programme

07 Jan 2014

1. Leadership skills development program

The leadership skills development program is a good opportunity for building the skills of the students of the University of Prishtina as future leaders so that they contribute to a Modern Leadership. The implementation of this program aims at building skills in the leadership and corporative management. program participants will be offered the opportunity to learn the basis of management, social responsibility and education on energy topics, environmental approach and also the students will be able to clearly understand the role of energetic mediation and its impact in the economic development of a country. Inter-curricular integration of the program and the exchange with international practices is a necessity so that a modern leadership is created. 


  • The organization of the leadership skills development program by involving Faculties of the University of Prishtina, a program that will contribute to the local and national needs for the development of succesfull leaders that aim at succesfull leadership
  • Students will have the opportunity to increase the knowledge and the professional skills by participating and developing projects with cognitive character and research
  • The faculties and KEDS will clearly define the benefits that will be achieved through this program
  • Clear objectives will be developed according to the national curricula for certain qualifications, everything will be monitored, evaluated and documented.
  • The company will undertake all the measures for the health care and safety at work and all the matters that have to do with students' protection will be respected during the development of activities.

General information on the leadership skills development program

  • The training program duration: 1 year
  • The program structure: 34 days of practical work and skills building in the company
  • The training program location: KEDS Main Office, University of Prishtina
  • Number of participants: 20 students

2. The goal

The leadership skills development program offers a unique opportunity for the participants and for the Kosovo Electricity Deistribution and Supply Company (KEDS) to evaluate if the personal and professional qualities of the students match the employment and with the way of how work is organized at KEDS. The training program will offer opportunities for professional development, further acquisition of knowledge and skills gained at Universities through the development of concrete program's.

The program covers topics as:

  • Main entrepreneurial principals, the role of energetics and the impact on economy
  • Management and leadership main principals
  • Technology and its role in the job processes
  • Main concepts on energy development, environmental management and globalization
  • Technical program's with main focus in the energy field
  • Specific matters and projects that develop professional and personal skills, as individuals and as team members.

KEDS's philosophy and history will help the participants discover the company culture and its ethical principles, as per the companies Code of Conduct and also the daily activities.

3. Methodology

Through out a one year period, the participants shall be involved in dynamic and interactive courses characterized by open discussions, projects, team work, and practical work that will offer the implementation of concepts taught at Universities. The program nature shall assist the participants to gain unique experiences by working in groups and exchanging thus developing different experiences. Therefore, flexibility and the willigness to help and support each other are necessary. The results and the achievements of the selected participants by the Faculties will be monitored and evaluated at the end of the each period or training cycle. A very important part of this project are the exchange of the local and international know-how through the development of lectures by local and international experts. The participants at all phases of the project will be mentored through advising and professional support by experts in different fields.

4. Logistical information

The training program will last 6 months with a group of 20 students. In the first year the project shall be finalized in June of 2014. The training on general topics will be a part of the broader discussion with the group. The application of the gained skills will be done at different company units to prove skills in the professional and managerial skills. 

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The program for the development of the pratcical part at the company will be a good opportunity for building the skills and for the overall development for students of the professional secondary level school students.

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