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KEDS Academy | Informations related to application

KEDS Academy is KEDS's foray into the effective solution of the problems that talented students have in Kosovo.

Informations related to application

07 Oct 2014

Where can students apply?

The filled and scanned application form, with a picture attached to it, should be sent by email at apply@kedsacademy.com or should be submitted at the KEDS Headquarters at Bill Clinton Boulevard in Prishtina.

Download the application form.

When can you apply?

Starting from 6 – 17 October 2014 all eligible students can apply to be a part of the second edition of KEDS Academy.

Download the application form.

Who can apply?

All students of the University of Prishtina that are following the lectures of the final academic year in the field of Electrical Engineering and students of the last year of studies at the following high schools can apply:

  • Faculty of Electrical and Computer Engineering, field of studies: Energy Systems
  • Technical high schools field of study Energetics and Electrical Installment

Download the application form.

Why apply?

You have to apply if you want to be a part of the project and help your professional development. Its an additional opportunity in gaining experiences from local and international expertise and its a good opportunity to become a part of local and the international labor market.

What do you need to apply?

In the first phase students need to send in an application form and a picture. After the selection to participate in an interview, all students should submit additional required information, evidence and the required documents by KEDS Academy: index, grades certificate, certificate tha proves that you are not under investigation and / or additional documents as required by the program.

Download the application form.

How to apply?

To apply, you need to fill the application form that can be downloaded at KEDS Academy website.

Download the application form.

After the application?

All candidates that fulfill the required criteria will continue the race to become a part of the project. The candidates that fulfill the criteria will be initially participating at an english test (18 October 2014). The test is drafted by the professors of the Bogazici University in Turkey. The candidates that show positive results in the english test will participate at a general knowledge test on the 25th of October 2014. According to the results of the general knowledge test the candidates shall be interviewed on the 30 – 31 October 2014. The interviewing committee will consist of: Bogazici university representatives, KEDS representatives, University of Prishtina, KEDS experts from Turkey and school representatives. After the interviewing phase, all the succesfull candidates shall be considered a part of KEDS Academy.


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Try KEDS Academy for a change

As KEDS, we believe our source of energy are the people and we wish to further electrify a big part of our source, the European energetic youth from Kosovo – the dreamers of today and the electrifiers of the future.

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Frequently asked questions

KEDS Academy is a programme established by the Kosovo Electricity Distribution and Supply Network J.S.C. aiming to professionally further educate students of the bearers of the higher education institutions in Kosovo and technical secondary level schools by providing practical knowledge and expertise through training and internships.

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