KEDS Academy is KEDS's foray into the effective solution of the problems that talented students have in Kosovo.

KEDS Academy starts with the sixth generation

 KEDS project, KEDS Academy, is entering the sixth year of operation. There are 30 technical high school pupils and 20 students, mostly electric engineering profile  who will attend the KEDS Academy program, a project that started in 2013, when the Electricity Supply and Distribution Company in Kosovo has commenced its operation.

26 Dec 2018

18 Dec 2018

Information on application

Information on application

  05 November 2018

 When to apply?

Starting from 5 – 16 November 2018

 Where you can apply?

KEDS HQ Boulevard Bill Clinton no. 5 in Prishtina, Human Resources Department, floor 9, office no. 3 and/ or in email address     


05 Nov 2018

Drenusha, as part of the big project Scada

The success and achievements of KEDS Academy students are seen in many activities that they are developing in different departments in KEDS. One of them is also the student of KEDS Academy fourth generation, Drenusha Gashi, Electrical Engineering.
She achieved to be part of the newest and largest project being developed at KEDS-Scada


16 Oct 2018