KEDS Academy is KEDS's foray into the effective solution of the problems that talented students have in Kosovo.

The KEDS Academy IV lectures are concluded

Conclusion of several months’ lectures, is marked by fourth generation KEDS Academy students through celebration with a dessert in front of KEDS building.

12 May 2017

In addition to theoretical lessons, students start the hours for practical experience

 The students of KEDS Academy have also begun holding practical classes distributed in various departments of KEDS, extending to all districts. They started from reading and installing meters, disconnecting and reconnection assistance, up to relay protection and loss control. This has made them much more prepared for the future in their profession and the labor market.

05 May 2017

Students of KEDS Academy are focused in management

KEDS Academy has continued with lectures also in the beginning of spring.

During the first weekend of April 1 and 2 were held lectures for students by Prof. Dr. Meltem Özturan from Boğaziçi University. The topics which were lectured to students are: Operations Management, Inventory Management, Role and Scope of Operations, etc. They also held group work with students.

19 Apr 2017

I and KEDS

Group Mercure  

Whenever I use electricity, my mind always associates with KEDS. Before this an unclear and undefined notion to me! But, after finishing the lessons in the secondary and high school, I had to determine which is going to be my carrier. 

09 Mar 2017