KEDS Academy is KEDS's foray into the effective solution of the problems that talented students have in Kosovo.

KEDS Academy


KEDS Academy is established by the Kosovo Electricity Distribution and Supply Company J.S.C. The Academy aims to support local students of electro-engineering field in their further academic and professional development. Furthermore, the Academy supports local initiatives aiming to promote healthy environmental living and energy saving.

The Academy offers accredited (12 ECTS credit) programmes to higher education students and other interactive programmes for secondary school students at the technical secondary schools in Kosovo with the goal of decreasing the number of unemployment by offering employment at KEDS and / or knowledge in employment at other similar companies.

The Academy aims to achieve its goal by developing activities with its target group and its activities are as following:

  • Education activities

  • Internship development

  • Promotion of project based activities within higher education institutions

  • Scientific projects for both professors and students

  • Academic exchange between Kosovo and Turkey in the field of electro-engineering

  • Distant lectures and video-conferencing

  • Scientific workshops and conferences

  • Support local initiatives with energy saving and environmental protection as the main concern

  • Scientific projects for both professors and students

The mission of the Academy is to support the development of tertiary and secondary level education by supporting local students in the field of electrical engineering in their further academic development by organizing different activities in cooperation with the local academia. In addition, the Academy supports the development and the awareness raising on environmental issues by supporting the local civil society activities and initiatives.

The vision of the Academy is to have students able and fully prepared for the job market and people aware of the advantages of saving energy.